Herr Standert SSFW 17 | Complete | brilliant black

Think of your expectations when it comes to your daily ride.

Words like reliability, functionality, looks and comfort come to mind?

We dare say our commute bicycles will meet all your expectations and more. We didn’t make any compromise when creating what is essentially our own dream bike to take us around town every day. Herr Standert will be your ever reliable companion and with a little love he will even stand by your childrens side, just like your Dads old steel beauty might have done for you.

No shortcuts, no half-baked solutions. Herr Standert is based on a fantastic handmade frame made of Reynolds 725 steel tubes, proven over decades to be everlasting, meticulously brazed by hand to a beautiful lug set. Internal cable routing to the brake and derailleur makes for a tidy appearance and protects the cables from wear and tear. The dropouts let you choose between singlespeed use or a geared setup. Fork and rear triangle have room for bigger tires for increased comfort and offroad use. Mounts for fenders and racks are at the ready to make sure you arrive in the office dry and clean and with all your necessary baggage.

The agile, yet comfortable geometry and the beautifully executed paintjob finish dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s.

The same careful attention to detail that we put in the creation of the frame goes into the selection of the components. Every single part on the complete bikes is of the highest quality, all the way down to often neglected parts like bottom bracket, freewheel or pedals. Tried and trusted brands like Brooks, H+Son, Sapim, Sram and Vittoria speak a clear language in the list of components.

*Images show build example. Full bike comes with fenders, check the antique silver Herr Standert for the 9-Speed build. We will get in touch upon your purchase to go over your personalised build details.






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