Kreissäge | Flying Blue

A bike with a mission: smashing bike races. With an uncompromising focus on performance the Kreissäge is the playful, beligerent little brother of the Triebwerk.

Build for SRAM 1x, with a short wheelbase and a high bottom bracket the Kreissäge is the perfect tool for fast and hectic crit racing. The frame is made from beautifully finished 6069 Aluminum, an alloy with very high tensile and fatigue strength. It will take a serious beating, it is light and more importantly very stiff. The super oversized headtube combined with a tapered 3T carbon fork result in solid steering under heavy load and the BB cluster with a PF30 shell joined to the large diameter downtube make sure that you get out what you put in.

“Es kommt der Tag, da will die Säge sägen” (‘There comes a day, when the saw wants to saw’; Jede Menge Kohle, 1981)

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