Team Standert x Fendor Bendor

Here it is, the original Team Standert x Fendor Bendor! The most versatile and practical clip on fender made by our friends WIT Industries comes in our incomparable Umlaufbahn color scheme and keeps your back dry. We also heard it makes you more aero. You should try it yourself. 

The best thing about it: all proceeds are going to Team Standert to help them finance their racing all over Europe. So if you want to see Team Standert race somewhere near you, make sure to get one of our Fendor Bendors. 

Here's what WIT Industries say about it themselves:
Like a rain coat for your bike. This is the rear mudguard for your bike that you can always bring with you, and only use when needed. It folds up small, so it can be neatly stored in backpack or jersey. Perfect for fixed gear bikes, road bikes, cross bikes

Note: only works with paired seat stays (no monostays).

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