Umlaufbahn Ep.2 | Complete | dawn red

The Umlaufbahn is made for racing. Its name means “Orbit”, but the german word “Bahn” at the same time means track, and that’s one of the things the Umlaufbahn feels at home doing - revolving around the track. Or for that matter pushing fast laps around a tight cut crit course. 
Its stiffness, the high bottom bracket and the tight wheelbase will make you fly around those corners. In the end it comes down to your legs, but at least give them a good tool to work with!

Highlights in Ep.2

  • super sturdy and lightweight 6066 triple butted aluminum
  • massive chainstays, an additional gusset behind the bottom bracket and the oversized downtube create the ultimate power center to bring your watts to the floor
  • quality, function and aesthetics at the highest level are ensured by the beautifully tapered head tube now connecting seamlessly with a Columbus® Pista Leggera fork
  • Ep.2 keeps the race proven and much praised geometry of its predecessor

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